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Of note:
Cleopatra Mathis received the 2014 Sheila Motten Book Prize for Book of Dog.

White Sea Cleopatra Mathis Poems
White Sea Cleopatra Mathis Poems
What to Tip the Boatman Cleopatra Mathis Poems
Book of Dog
Sarabande Books, 2012
White Sea
Sarabande Books, 2005
What to Tip the Boatman?
Sheep Meadow Press, 2001
Guardian - Cleopatra Mathis Poems
The Center for Cold Weather, book cover
Guardian, Book cover
Sheep Meadow Press, 1995

The Center for Cold Weather
Sheep Meadow Press, 1989

The Bottom Land
Sheep Meadow Press, 1983
Aerial View of Louisiana, book cover
Aerial View of Louisiana
Sheep Meadow Press, 1979

Sheep Meadow Press
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